Our Business
Our Business

Jacobs Technology is the advanced technology arm of Jacobs Engineering (NYSE:JEC), one of the largest engineering and technical companies in the United States.


Engineering Services

Jacobs’ engineering teams develop and sustain flight and ground hardware and software for human space flight. They provide critical services to the International Space Station, Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, and development programs. Jacobs’ engineers perform flight systems analyses that include complex guidance, navigation, and control simulations. The engineering services provided are extensive—they include thermal, stress, vibration, and loads analysis and testing; communications and data processing; and failure analysis. Applications range from crew health and habitation systems, avionics and instrumentation, cameras, robotic systems, avionics and instrumentation, extravehicular activity tool development, and NASA Docking System and Capsule Parachute Assembly System (CPAS) development.

Jacobs’ engineering teams also research and develop low–Technology Readiness Level (TRL) concepts into practical applications.


Maintenance and Test Operations

Jacobs is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 79 Johnson Space Center Engineering Directorate facilities and laboratories and the test operations conducted within them. Our highly skilled employees fabricate complex, state-of-the-art manufactured, mechanical, and electronic assemblies and support structural, environmental, and space-simulated testing with expertise that is required to certify space hardware, test vehicles, and mockups.

Jacobs is also responsible for maintaining and tracking tens of thousands of pieces of Government-furnished property (GFP) and contractor-acquired property (CAP). The Logistics Section is responsible for the tracking and storage of hardware and material; shipping and receiving, and mailroom operations.



Jacobs also provides expertise in image science and analysis, including photogrammetry, precision motion tracking, and imagery enhancement and restoration. Jacobs’ scientists inspect and analyze micrometeoroid and orbital debris (MMOD) impacts and design MMOD shielding. They include experts in the classification, processing, and storage of lunar samples, Antarctic meteorites, and cometary and interstellar particles as well as experts in scanning and transmission electron microscopy and mass spectrometry.